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Lucid Dreaming

21 year old loser. Anxious. Instagram: isaac_ww


Kinda wanna eat some pasta kinda wanna have some sex


Donnie Darko
Anonymous: I don't know you, but I can sincerely say you have a BANGIN' blog and are one of the most attractive guys I've ever seen in my entire life. P. S Hope you feel better soon:(

Woah, thanks! I look like shit in real life I guess i just milk it in Tumblr photos. I feel alright i’m just a little bitch when I get stressed out but thank you again.

All done by THE MAN, James Mckenna. Whoever’s legs these are is a lucky dude.

broc raiford by ooti billeaud

Cheetah Lazing around | Masai Mara, Kenya

A Fin whale carcass the bears have been feeding on for the past year lies beneath the surface of the water, Svalbard, Norway.
Stephen you have a v nice face.